Durkan D*scover Design Competition, 1st Place 2017

Combining the drama of the written word with the rich detailing of gems, FACETS weaves brief moments of emotion to create a visual story for this space. Shards of light and dark tones that are reminiscent of light bouncing off a faceted gem combine with the smooth, scrawling script of written word and hint at a full spectrum of emotion. These juxtapositions add movement and depth to the carpet, making a visually dramatic composition. The pre-function space blends sprawling narrative script and geometric shards with variety in scale and color. The small pattern of geometric shards guide the users toward the doors of the ballroom, and the natural colors in this tread path will keep the carpet looking fresh for years. The pattern in the ballroom focuses on the geometric depth of faceted gems, and a cut and loop pattern in the carpet emphasizes the movement that is created in the gems as light hits them. This pattern creates greater depth in color and makes the space feel alive and dramatic. With a nine-color palette, FACETS beautifully melds graphics into the world of carpet design, creating depth and visual interest at every level of the space.
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